About us

«Victory Carpets» is a Ukrainian factory of handtufted carpets (designer rugs) and wool yarn production that is situated in the very heart of Europe. When we just started our business, our purpose was to create something new and unusual. Since then we do our best. Our peculiarity is that we are using our own yarns for carpets we produce. It helps us to assure the quality of our work.

During the working process we combine machine work with human resources and ideas. Nowadays our designers have created 17 unique collections of carpet flooring. Our company is different from other ones because we are working on individual design projects when we produce our area rugs. The biggest part of these projects is designed by us. We can produce designer carpets in any size (our possibilities allow the maximum width up to 12.40m and the length up to 34.00m). Concerning style, there are no limits for us. The form of the carpet can vary as well. We use German equipment to make the quality of our products as high as possible. All products by «Victory Carpets» are certified by ISO 9001.

All our yarns are made of 100% wool. We have a wide selection of 105 colours in the manufacture. Also, thanks to our own dyeing-yarn laboratory our customers get the opportunity to order any other color.

Handtuft is our major branch but besides that, we can offer you some other types of carpet production such as hand-woven and hand-knotted. We know how to stay multifaceted. The variety of our products is huge, you can come and check it in our show room. Our company always stays on the same wavelength with customers and feels what they really want.

We are glad to provide the best service for you. Now we can proudly say that we are able to show the top quality European product. We will help you to provide some interior design ideas for your place. So the choice is yours you can choose any carpet&rug, please Welcome.

Handtufting carpet's factory "Victory Carpets"

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