Carpet care

Well, you decided to get a new carpet. To buy the best one, learn about different styles, materials and quality (it should be the high quality carpet) to ensure durability and comfort for your long-term satisfaction. If you want to keep it for long period of time you need to know that everything depends on material. As far as you know the best ones are carpets and rugs made of wool and silk because it’s natural. But viscose is good too.

So let me give you some advices how to keep a wool carpet clean and safe.

  1. The placement of your carpet should not be damp.
  2. Make sure that the light above your carpet is not too bright because the brightness and saturation of its color depends on it.
  3. Be careful with the furniture. Lay something hard under the legs. Thanks for that there will be no dents on your carpet or rug.
  4. Once in a while change the location of carpet from along to crosswise. It will help you to avoid deep dents.
  5. Use vacuum cleaner at least once a week to avoid the dust. It will be perfect if you going to do that from both sides. Also you can use dry vacuum cleaner. But that is not enough because you need to clean your carpet more serious once in a while. Using brushes during a winter is the best way for such carpet cleaning. Because snow helps to keep your carpet fresh.
  6. Do not use the universal cleaning fluids because it may be pretty dangerous. You should never use any kinds of bleach to clean wool carpet.
  7. Do not use hot water. You should never clean your wool carpet with water that has been heated to more than 55 degrees Celsius.
  8. You need to use only recommended cleaning liquids. Pre-test any treatment on a small inconspicuous area of carpet to ensure against damage and possible color change.
  9. Using paper towels is the best way to dry your wool carpet.

Call the cleaning company if these steps are too complicated for you.

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