Earth — is the most unique carpet collection of wool carpeting. It differs from the other ones because of its surface pile. I mean, talking about this special pile height exceeds 20 mm and can be up to 120mm. It makes your modern carpet warm and cozy. So this particular shag area rug looks really incredible.

All designs Victory Carpets are copyrighted
Type of production
hand tufted
Pile composition
100% wool
Pile hight
±20, ±24, ±34, ±44, ±54, ±64, ±74, ±120 mm
Pile surface
palette of 105 colors or custom color
Number of colors in one combination

As you already know, the Earth — is the only planet which is the most closely connected with LIFE. Therefore, you can see how we made it look alive. We do it by combining the colors in the carpet pile, what is called melange.

So, we use wool yarn from fibers painted in different colors. In this case, two colors goes into one single yarn. In addition, everything can be performed in one color, by customer request. The form of your carpet can vary too. We produce area rugs, round rugs, large area rugs. whatever you want. Everything is possible for us.

As you can see, our carpet collection «Earth» is very bright and diverse, it can be with different color variations. This carpet would be the ideal part of your interior, giving comfort and style to you. Because our task is to be a best carpet brand.

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