As everybody knows Jupiter is the biggest planet in our Solar System. At the same time it is the brightest planet. That is why when our carpet designers were creating this particular carpet collection of area rugs, the task was to show the hall energy and saturation of this planet. As a result they did it successfully using special type of pile.

All designs Victory Carpets are copyrighted
Type of production
hand tufted
Pile composition
100% wool
Pile hight
±10, ±12, ±16 mm
Pile surface
loop pile
palette of 105 colors or custom color
Number of colors in one combination

Thanks for raw materials what is 100% wool, what we use for our carpets and rugs.

That is clear, one example of this collection by company «Victory Carpets» shines like Jupiter in the space, what shows that your modern carpet looks really reach and unique. This area rug looks perfect with the color scheme of your interior, we will produce it in any color from our palette, which consists of more than 100 colors.

By choosing our carpet flooring «Jupiter» you can’t go wrong. All you need is just to contact our managers. We will be glad to get to work, bringing beauty to your home decor.

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